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Counselling allows you the opportunity to talk through your feelings, to be listened to, and to find your way out to a fuller, more balanced and enjoyable life.

Counselling is a talking therapy which is there to support you while they give voice to your thoughts, hopes and fears.  It enables you to talk through your issues with a caring but uninvolved professional, where perhaps other sources of support, such as family and friends are too close or may be part of the problem.  As such, you may find it helpful to talk to a trained and experienced counsellor in a private confidential setting where it is possible to talk freely.  That is not to say that counselling replaces family and friends.

People need to work at their own pace, therefore the length and regularity of sessions are negotiated, but usually last for one hour on a regular weekly basis. 


Sometimes just a few sessions will be enough to clarify your situation, whereas for some regular sessions over a period may be more beneficial.


Counselling/psychotherapy - £55 per hour

Clinical supervision - £55 per hour

Eating disorders - £70 per hour

We have a small number of concessionary sessions available  please contact us for further information.

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'What happens in my first session?'

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